"A gentle & holistic approach to helping your little one get their sleep back on track"

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Hello, I'm Megan.


Welcome to 'Megan Jane Sleep Consulting', a place to feel empowered to get your little one's sleep back on track. I'm a midwife and a certified infant & child sleep consultant.

I entered this space knowing too well the effects of sleep deprivation on families. I am extremely passionate about supporting your family through the early years.


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Newborn consultation

up to 12 weeks

This is the perfect package for those who need some help in the fourth trimester

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In home consultation

4 hours

The perfect package for those needing help particularly for evening bedtime

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Phone consultation

3 months - 4 years

A great package if you needs some support but don't need a home visit

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Get your friends


A group package designed for friends with babies around the same age

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In home consultation

2 hours

This package is for you if you need hands on support for a short period